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Business Analytics With Gen AI

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What You will Learn

Business Analytics with Gen AI” (Course Code: AI-301) is designed to bridge the gap between traditional business analytics and the transformative power of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI). This course provides a comprehensive overview of how AI and machine learning can revolutionize data analysis, decision-making, and strategic planning. From foundational concepts in business analytics and AI to the cutting-edge applications of Gen AI in business contexts, students will engage in hands-on projects, case studies, and a capstone project that encourages innovative thinking and real-world application. Graduates will be prepared to work within organizations, start their own AI-driven ventures, or offer consulting services to businesses seeking to leverage AI technologies.

Course Content


  • Strategic Insight: Gain a deep understanding of how AI and machine learning can be applied to solve complex business problems and drive strategic decisions.
  • Career Growth: Equip yourself with in-demand skills that blend business acumen with AI, enhancing your career prospects in a rapidly evolving job market.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Learn to identify opportunities for innovation and develop AI-driven business models or solutions.
  • Practical Experience: Apply your knowledge in a capstone project that addresses a real business challenge, demonstrating your ability to innovate and implement AI solutions.
  • Module 1: Introduction to Business Analytics and AI
  • Module 2: Data Management and Preprocessing for Business Analytics
  • Module 3: Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Module 4: Decision Making with AI
  • Module 5: Introduction to Generative AI in Business
  • Module 6: Advanced Topics in Business Analytics with AI
  • Module 7: Implementing AI Solutions in Business
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Capstone project evaluated on innovation, applicability, & effectiveness in addressing a business problem


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