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Generative AI

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What You will Learn

This dynamic course, “Innovating with Generative AI: Project-Based Learning,” offers a deep dive into generative AI technologies, focusing on hands-on project work with large language models (LLMs) like Mistral or Llama. Students will gain a solid foundation in machine learning, explore the intricacies of GANs and VAEs, and apply their knowledge to create AI-driven solutions across various domains, including retail, agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, sustainable technology, and business innovation. The curriculum emphasizes ethical AI use and culminates in a capstone project where students will tackle real industry challenges, providing a pathway to employment, entrepreneurship, or freelance opportunities in the cutting-edge field of generative AI.

Course Content


  • Skill Development: Gain comprehensive skills in generative AI, including hands-on experience with GANs and VAEs.
  • Career Opportunities: Open doors to emerging career paths in AI, where demand for skilled professionals outpaces supply.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Harness AI for creative expression or to solve complex business problems innovatively.
  • Entrepreneurial Launchpad: Get the insights and guidance needed to start your own venture in the exciting field of generative AI.
  • Module 1: Introduction to Generative AI, Overview of generative AI technologies, including LLMs like Mistral V0.1 7B and Llama 13B, and their impact across industries.
  • Module 2: Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Generative AI
  • Module 3: Exploring Generative Models: GANs and VAEs, Deep dive into the mechanics, applications, and implications of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and Variational Autoencoders (VAEs).
  • Module 4: Coding Generative Models with LLMs, Hands-on coding sessions using Python and TensorFlow/Keras
  • Module 5: Creative Applications of Generative AI, Exploring how generative AI, particularly using LLMs, can revolutionize retail, agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, sustainable technology, and business innovation.
  • Module 6: Generative AI in Business Solutions, Developing AI-driven solutions for marketing & product development.
  • Module 7: Ethics and Responsible AI
  • Project-Based Learning and Capstone Project, Implementing a comprehensive project that addresses a real-world problem with generative AI, utilizing either Mistral V0.1 7B or Llama 13B.
  • Launching Your AI Startup, Guidance and strategies for transforming generative AI projects into viable startup ideas.
  • Freelancing with Generative AI, Best practices and market opportunities for offering freelance services using skills in generative AI and LLMs.


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