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Leadership in Ethical Responsible AI

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What You will Learn

This course is designed for university students, corporate and SME leaders to cultivate an understanding and implementation strategy for ethical and responsible AI within their organizations. It delves into the principles of ethical AI, governance frameworks, stakeholder engagement, and the practicalities of integrating ethical considerations into AI projects and policies.

Course Content


  • Foster a culture of ethical integrity and responsibility in AI initiatives.
  • Gain competitive advantage through trust-building with customers and stakeholders.
  • Mitigate risks associated with AI deployments, including legal, reputational, and operational risks.
  • Enhance decision-making processes with a comprehensive understanding of ethical AI implications.
  • Introduction to Ethical and Responsible AI
  • AI Principles and Guidelines
  • Developing AI Ethics Guidelines and Governance
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication
  • Techniques for Detecting and Mitigating Bias
  • Legal and Regulatory Considerations in AI
  • Human-Centered Approach to AI Development
  • Engaging with the Community
  • Recognizing Ethical Concerns
  • Identifying and Addressing Issues
  • Monitoring and Enhancing AI Models
  • Case Studies: Applying Ethical AI
  • Workshop: Constructing Your Ethical AI Framework
  • Plan for Implementing Ethical AI


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